Technical SEO From 8ajans

01. Organic Search

It is the service of increasing your website’s visibility, ranking pages, and maintaining the existing ranking in Organic Search results. Organic SEO is both less costly and more profitable in terms of getting backlinks and hits compared to advertisements.

03. Backlink Study

Backlink is the process of publishing your site or page address on another site, optionally adding it with a promotional text. Contrary to popular belief, not every backlink is useful. It can even be harmful. For this reason, the site to which your links are added should be suitable for your industry and should not be penalized by Google.

02. On-Page SEO

It is a type of SEO obtained by arranging the content of your site in order for the text, images, videos and other components in your website to be recognized and found by search engines. It is one of the most important factors in ranking.

04. SEO Reporting

Checking and reporting at regular intervals (weekly, monthly and yearly) after all the work is done helps you to see the effect of the studies one by one in graphs and to get an idea about what your rise depends on and what is unnecessary. Reports are made on Google and presented to you.


Quality Backlinks

It is considered reliable in terms of Google and allows the added backlinks to increase rapidly; Your site will go up with .edu, official ​​site, and backlinks published in more than 50 dictionaries. Moreover, it will be permanent for life in the position in which it ascends.

Original and SEO Compatible Articles

For Google, it is very important that the articles on the site are genuine. Duplicate content may be penalized by Google, causing your site to be taken down or even removed from Google search results. We produce professional, original, and SEO-compatible articles for your site with our staff of expert article writers. You can check the authenticity from anywhere and share the result with us.

Keyword Analysis / Strategy

This is a type of SEO that is determined according to the analysis of these words, your business, and your competitors where the “search word” should your service or business appear in the search engines. With the right analysis and strategy, it should be done by professionals so that they can rise above your competitors and not back down from the starting point.

Link Structure

This is the work done on your website links, according to the specified keywords and the content of the link. This is one of the indispensable SEO rules by the popular search engine Google and other search engines.

SEO Reporting

Checking and reporting periodically (weekly, monthly, and yearly) after all work is done helps you see the effects of individual studies on a graph and get an idea of ​​what your increase depends on and what doesn’t.