Reach Your Customers With Google!

Google Adwords Gorsel 1


Top 3 Ranks on Google

Reach Your Customers With Google!, Being in the top 3 of Google search results gives you customers for searches related to your industry!


More Clicks

More clicks, less CPC! Reach more customers by spending less money.


Sectoral Keyword

As a result of researches specific to your industry, pinpoint the keywords suitable for you!


Transparent Adwords Interface

In the AdWords advertising service you will receive, we give you direct access to the AdWords panel.


Lowest Costs, Highest CPC Rate!

8 As a Digital Advertising Agency, in addition to the guarantee of getting the most clicks at the lowest costs; We also guarantee to be in the top 3 places! With correctly planned keyword strategies, dozens of our customers, to whom we have served Google ADS Reklam, have increased their sales by an average of 60%!

Reach More Customers Easily!

82% of internet users in Turkey  make the purchase of the product or service by doing research on the internet before purchasing a service or product. In marketing and sales transactions, the websites in the top 3 of the search results receive the largest portion of this share from their companies!

Different Keywords for Each Ad Group…

According to each keyword or phrases; We work with different ad groups and campaign systems. Thus, we can see from which keyword we get the most clicks, and we continue our work based on this in the next actions. The productive side of this work is that more site traffic and therefore more customers come back to us.

Lifetime Optimization

We provide optimization support at least 3 times a week in your advertising campaigns . We do services such as adding keywords, Negative keyword detection, Geo-based targeting and detecting off-target locations, optimizing keyword CPC costs, and applying or disabling other Google’s suggestions automatically without you telling us.

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