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Business / Company Applications


Business / Company Applications

With webview applications, which are the appearance of your company’s website, you can implement your mobile applications both at affordable costs and in an easy-to-manage way.


Advertisement Applications

We make and publish the application you want with our many references for your application requests such as providing services or buying and selling second-hand products.


Education / Video Applications

By understanding your educational or video content applications correctly and evaluating them professionally, we code them as IOS or Android and upload them to the relevant stores.


E-Commerce Applications

In order for you to sell products from your store, we develop applications with a member system, either IOS or Android-based, where you can receive payment by credit card.


Get Your Apps In Your Stores

We do your uploading and approval processes to either Google Play or APP Store for your web view or all your applications that are coded from scratch. If you want, you can publish in our stores or in stores opened in your name.

Special and Original Software

We promise you confidentiality in all your application projects whose idea belongs to you. Contact us for applications that will create addiction for application users with fast-opening, useful interfaces for which we make special coding as a code infrastructure.


Let’s Rate Your Apps!

5-star rating service for all your applications in Google Play or APP Store is only available at 8 Agencies!
You give us the link of your application and we will write special comments for your request. Thus, your application will be among the recommended ones and the download rate will increase!

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