Jetpack cURL Error 28

Jetpack cURL Error 28, Why does occur? What is the solution? Most Used Plugin of WordPress; jetpack

WordPress; It is an easy-to-install, open-source web software used by leading brands and leading software developers and designers all over the world. As such, the whole world seems to be trying to create a plugin and theme for WordPress.

The plugin called ” Jetpack “, which is a favorite of most people using WordPress, and contains many plugins , comes up with a strange error these days.

As it is known, Jetpack; It offers many plugins such as visitor statistics, Contact form, Social media links, Link shortening service (, Feedback, Lightbox in a single package for free. Jetpack is among the indispensables of web designers and site owners due to the combination of so many plugins and their fast and efficient operation.

A few seconds after clicking the “Connect Jetpack” button in the jetpack plugin that we uploaded to our site via FTP or directly from the WordPress admin panel;

“ Jetpack cURL error 28: Operation timed out after XXXX milliseconds with 0 bytes received”

For those who get the error, we found the cause of the problem for you.

How to Fix Jetpack cURL error 28

Jetpack cURL error 28 is “usually” a server/hosting based problem. When we click the Connect to Jetpack button, Jetpack tries to pull data from the WordPress main site; Due to the servers blocking, it cannot establish a connection and gives this error.  

The “ Jetpack cURL error 28 ” error that I encountered in Turkey only occurs in NameRegistration company. When I call them about this subject;

“They stated that the Jetpack plugin is unstable on their servers and therefore their website, that Jetpack has security vulnerabilities and that’s why they made such a decision.”

Apparently, web designer friends who bought their hosting service from wanted to use the Jetpack plugin of wordpress for a while; They will keep getting.

As a solution, we see that until now there is no other choice but to change the hosting. On the WordPress help forums, on the Jetpack plugin page, on the foreign forums related to WordPress, unfortunately, there is no solution yet.

If you have a solution, please write it as a comment below 🙂

You can use the link below to download and use the Jetpack plugin;

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